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Three Great Business Ideas for 2014!

Due to the economy more and more Americans are taking control of their own destiny and becoming business owners than ever before.  The best business ideas are the ones that fill a niche and solve problems for your customers. If you find a way to provide people with something they need, you will have a better chance of success.  We chose 3 ideas that require very low start-up capital but have the potential of producing high returns.

Still in its infancy stage the Rental Property Inspection business is offering global opportunities to those that understand the need.  With each and every year more tenants and owners are coming to the realization that they have a lot more to lose then the Property Manager so they are opting for 3rd party protection.  
                        3rd Party Inspections Prevent Litigation

If you would have Google “rental property inspection companies” or “rental property inspectors” a few years ago you would have found nothing. Today it is a different story; you can find Rental Property Inspection Companies in Australia, England, Canada, India and the United States of America.  The ROI or (Return on Investment) is exceptional as there is very little start-up capital required; typically $1000, 00 to $5000, 00 depending on what tools you already own such as Smart Phone, Digital Camera, Computer etc.
Prevents Insurance Cancellation       Prevents Illegal Activities! 

a.  Why do Tenants love them? Well think about it, every store out there will try to sell you “insurance” in the form of an extended warranty on everything from Coffee makers to Televisions and we think nothing of allowing them to swipe our card knowing this extended service plan is only for 6 months and well within the life expectancy of the product purchased.   Yet DAILY tenants will hand over several hundreds if not several thousands of dollars in the form of security deposits to complete strangers. Make no mistake about it, property managers are strangers and as such should not be trusted; many of them look at the security deposit as their bonus money.
                    Provides On Going Protection for all Parties

b.  Landlords and Investors love them because they know the inspections are actually being done and done right. 
1. When was the last time your Property Manager sent you a detailed inspection report prepared for you by a professionally trained certified inspector.
2. When was the last time you received an inspection report of any kind from your property manager? 

     3. What is really going on inside your investment property? 
     4. Could you be in danger of litigation or perhaps having your insurance canceled due to vicious animals on the property or possibly attractive nuisances or other safety issues? 
     5. Any illegal activities going on inside your investment property such as grow house or possibly a meth lab? 
     6. Is the property manager really looking out for your best interest? 
     6. Is your investment property truly an investment or a money pit?
                        Protects Your Investment!

c.  Property managers love them because they are no longer caught in the middle between the tenant and the landlord and because they don’t have time to do inspections. More and more professional property managers are turning to 3rd party inspections company to better serve both the tenant and the owner but also to avoid litigation.  

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Learn what others are doing: 

Eco-Friendly Services is booming as more people become aware of environmental concerns, two industries are growing faster than others.  
There is an increasingly high demand for lawn services that offer green alternatives. Not a trend, more home owners and businesses are hiring eco-friendly landscape and lawn service company then in previous years.  
Why?  They realize that how you care for your lawn and landscape affects their local water, air, and soil, not to mention the health of their families and employees. Hiring a landscaper doesn't mean you have to settle for dousing your yard with toxic weed killers and pesticides or using gas and oil using equipment.
The opportunity is great for those getting into the business as they will be investing in Green technology whereas those that are already in the business have a substantial

amount invested in their current equipment finding it difficult to make the change.
They are growing their businesses by educating the public and selling the idea of Green Living.
  •  Mow with a non-polluting electric mower to reduce the noise pollution and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) generated by gas-powered mowers.
  • Use a mulching mower to keep fine grass clippings and shredded leaves on the lawn, providing a natural fertilizer.
  • Fertilize your lawn and landscape with organic soil amendments. Organic fertilizer's slower release means grass won’t grow so fast and you won’t have to have your lawn mowed as often.
  • Use natural herbicides to control weeds rather than toxic, chemical weed killers.
  • Help you choose the right landscape plantings for your climate.
  • Help you choose native or drought-resistant plants for your yard that will require little extra water.
  • Apply eco-friendly mulches to prevent weeds and conserve water.
  • Help you choose the right watering system for your landscape. An effective watering system can save water, time, and money.
  • Trim, prune, and maintain your lawn, trees, and shrubs with electric or people-powered landscaping tools rather than gas-powered blowers, trimmers, and saws.
A look at what others are doing to meet the need:

Couriers provide a useful service for businesses and individuals by picking up and safely transporting documents, merchandise, and other shipments from one location to another faster than traditional mail or transportation services. In urban areas, many courier services are already relatively eco-friendly due to their reliance on bikes for transport, which are not only eco-friendly but frequently faster than cars in congested downtown areas. In many cases, though, larger deliveries are still transported by conventional fossil fuel-powered vehicles. Due to the large amounts of driving required by courier services, a single courier driving a standard gasoline vehicle releases an average of 33 tons of carbon emissions each year.

Starting a green courier service is a good way to provide a useful service for clients while reducing transport-related carbon emissions.
  • Many courier services already rely heavily on bicycles, making them among the greenest businesses around. You can make your bicycle-based courier service even greener by supporting a locally owned, eco-friendly bicycle repair shop.
  • Another eco-friendly bicycle option is electric bicycles or scooters powered by clean energy. Typical electric scooters and bicycles can travel 30-50 miles on a single charge, and they can be charged in as little as an hour.
  • For large and long distance deliveries, purchase fuel efficient cars and trucks such as hybrid vehicles, which produce only half the carbon emissions of a standard gasoline vehicle. Keeping vehicles well maintained is another way to substantially reduce carbon emissions, as is using fuel efficient driving techniques such as slower acceleration and avoiding idling.
  • Another alternative is to purchase biodiesel powered vehicles. Biodiesel is a clean burning alternative to petroleum fuel that can be used in any diesel engine. It is often made from used cooking oil, a clever way of recycling a troublesome waste product.
How others are making it work:

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